Bidet Spray Legality in Australia: Navigating Regulations

Bidet Spray Legality in Australia: Navigating Regulations


Bidet Spray Legality in Australia: Navigating Regulations: Handheld bidets or shattafs or bidets, promise improved cleanliness and eco-friendliness. They’ve found their way into Australian homes, but discussions about bidet installations are buzzing in a country known for strict product standards.

For this blog, we’ll dive into the legal landscapes concerning bidets.

What is a Bidet?

Bidet sprays are fixtures that are used for personal. Although bidets being illegal is nearly impossible in any country, some countries like Australia might have restrictions due to cultural preferences or infrastructure. Therefore it’s always best to check with local authorities before installing one.

Bidet Legality in Australia

Regulatory Overview

When installing bidets in Australia, it is crucial to navigate plumbing regulations to ensure correct usage.

  • Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA):

The PCA serves as the primary regulatory framework governing plumbing standards in the country.

  • Bidet Specific Regulations:

Bidets themselves aren’t explicitly regulated or mentioned within the PCA, leaving a gap for interpretation and local implementation.

  • Installation Standards:

Bidet installations involve plumbing modifications, requiring adherence to Australian plumbing standards to ensure safety and proper functionality.

  • Professional Compliance:

Licensed plumbers are expected to comply with the PCA and ensure that any alterations made during bidet installations meet these standards. 

Installation and Compliance:

Ensuring proper installation and compliance with plumbing standards in Australia is essential when incorporating bidets into home plumbing systems.

  • Plumbing Modifications:

Installing bidets often involves altering existing plumbing systems within homes to accommodate these fixtures effectively.

  • Adherence to Standards:

To guarantee safety and proper functionality with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) professional plumbers are required to ensure that the bidet installations comply with all the rules and regulations.

  • Local Regulations:

Beyond national standards, adhering to local plumbing guidelines or specific state regulations might be necessary, influencing the installation process.

State Regulations:

While the PCA sets national standards, individual states might implement additional requirements or regulations specific to plumbing fixtures, including bidets. It’s advisable to consult local authorities or plumbing professionals for more information.

Environmental Impact and Water Efficiency

Understanding how bidets impact water usage and sustainability in Australia sheds light on their eco-friendly potential:

  • Water Conservation:

Bidets are known to use water more efficiently compared to traditional toilet paper which makes is better in terms of water conservation.

  • Sustainability:

The level to which bidets contribute to sustainability largely depends on factors such as usage time and individual habits.

  • Efficiency:

There exists an ongoing debate regarding the water efficiency of bidets and traditional methods, prompting discussions about the environmental impact.

Conclusion: Bidet Spray Legality in Australia: Navigating Regulations

As of the current regulatory landscape, bidets themselves aren’t explicitly illegal in Australia. However, their installation and compliance with plumbing codes and seeking professional guidance are crucial for anyone considering installing a bidet toilet in their home.


Are bidets legal in Australia?

Bidets are legal in Australia. However, many residents believe bidets are illegal in Australia. This is partly because their usage is still quite rare among Australians. In reality, bidets are very much legal in the country, and their usage is highly encouraged.

Do bidets comply with Australian plumbing standards?

Yes, bidet installation must adhere to meet the standards set by Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) to ensure safety and functionality.

What should I consider before installing a bidet in my house?

Understanding local plumbing regulations and ensuring compliance with the PCA are essential steps before installing a bidet.

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