Bidet Blooper – a New Year’s Eve Party Everyone Laughs About

Bidet Blooper - a New Year’s Eve Party Everyone Laughs About

Bidet Blooper – a New Year’s Eve Party Everyone Laughs About: The story begins last year when I organized a New Year’s party at home. I was excited about the party. I made all the arrangements and invited all my guests. Little did I know that this party is going to be remembered for an amusing anecdote and the center of all this amusement will be a butt-cleaning Bidet. Yes, you heard it right.

Meet Emily, an inquisitive ten-year-old girl and one of my guests. As the night unfolded, we all were happily dancing, playing games, anticipating the clock to hit 12. That’s when Emily excused herself and went to my bathroom. 

After she did her business, she noticed the fountain-like object (in her words) next to the toilet. She described it as a fountain that emitted water into the air when you turned the knob. Fascinated by the bidet, she started to examine it. 

I don’t know what flashed into her mind at that moment but she got on all fours, turned the knob, and began gulping the water coming out of the nozzle. Yes, she drank from it. Funny, right? As she was quenching her thirst with the water, I happened to stumble into the bathroom. The first words that came out of my mouth were, “Oh my God, NO”. “Are you drinking its water?” I asked real loud. Everybody assembled near the bathroom curious to know what happened. The girl got up perplexed. I burst into laughter. It was hilarious.

Needless to say, after I explained to her what it actually does, the rest of the evening became fun. One of my friends opened up that even he didn’t understand what was it for. Thankfully he didn’t drink from it. Then it occurred to me, that they all were so ignorant about this concept of using water to clean their butts. They have been treating their hygiene the wrong way their entire life and must have never felt that level of cleanliness. 

Much-needed Bidet Conversation

I decided to impart them some knowledge in their toilet paper era. Some of them were hesitant to use it while others decided to give it a try. I made them order the Premium Handheld Bidet Spray, the spray that has become an integral part of my life. With its gentle spray of water, it soothes my skin and provides the cleanliness that has completely changed my life. I never felt this clean when I used toilet paper and I wanted all of my guests to experience it.

Cut to one year later, I’m having my New Year’s party in three days. While I’m excited about the fun and laughs of the previous party’s incident, I’m also looking forward to the bidet experiences my friends have had this year. I’m looking forward to including more of my friends in my gang this year.

Final thoughts: Bidet Blooper – a New Year’s Eve Party Everyone Laughs About

I’m really grateful for the Handheld Bidet Spray to have come into my life and completely transformed cleanliness for me. You can also experience what I’ve experienced. Just go to their website Conor Australia and get a great deal on sanitary ware products if you order now in the New Year Sale.


What is a bidet?

It is a bathroom fixture that sprays water to clean your genital areas after you’re done with your bathroom business. It offers more hygiene and comfort than toilet paper.

Are they cleaner than toilet paper?

Yes, they are cleaner than all the toilet paper combined. They use water to clean your butt which is much more hygienic than wiping. Water is more effective in removing any residue compared to toilet paper.

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes, they can be more sustainable than excessive toilet paper use. Less reliability on toilet paper means less paper production and less deforestation.

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Author: Troy Smith

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